Refurbishment & Restoration

May 2024

Realising the buildingā€™s full potential

Our passion lies in the regeneration and repurposing of existing buildings. We believe that it is our duty as designers to facilitate responsible redevelopment, working within the parameters of what we already have in our built environment, to help manage the impact of the construction industry on our planet.

We work with property owners to upgrade and transform their assets, allowing them to achieve a strong return on investment, while realising the buildingā€™s full potential in the context of its surroundings.

We have completed a number of restorations of grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, working closely with Historic England and local conservation officers to gain listed building consent.

We are committed to sustainable building practices. We provide the services required to achieve BREEAM accreditation, which enable property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to assess how sustainable their assets are and drive sustainable improvements.

Our Services

Defining the scope of works

Detailed drawings


Manage the costing process with the QS and contractor appointments on behalf of our client

Contract administration

Project management of the construction works through to completion, independently or in collaboration with a project management consultant

Preparation of planning drawings and reports and submission of the proposals through the planning portal and liaison with the case officer. If the property is listed we gain listed building consent and liaise with Historic England and local conservation officers.