February 2013

Eggborough Power Station in North Yorkshire produces four per cent of the UK’s electricity and employs 300 staff.

In 2013, as part of a bid to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to receive public funding to convert to burn biomass fuels, we prepared a feasibility study, in collaboration with branding company db&co, to create a new Identity to reflect this potential new clean energy culture of Eggborough Power Station.
Our proposals explore ways to change the perception of power stations and the role they play in society and to create an environment that is inspiring, safe and secure for it’s staff and informative and welcoming to it’s visitors.

This included a new visitor experience facility to show new developments, achievements and be a ‘shop-window’ to how EPL carries out its daily business and develops a strategy how to it present itself to visitors – business partners, local officials, the press, school groups, etc.

Our scheme uses sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, with a low Carbon impact and develops the natural landscaping designed by Brenda Colvin in 1962. This was highly regarded as a unique and imaginative solution in dealing with industrial waste, using the waste ash from the power station to form gently spiralling land-forms.

Indigenous plants and trees, such as silver birch, which is a haven for over 100 insect species and grasses and meadow flowers that produce massive numbers of seeds attracting many species of birds.