Bronze cladding installation

November 2015

The installation of a bespoke bronze cladding has now commenced on our Mayfair site, opposite Green Park.

Over the past 18 months we have worked closely with FSE Foundry to develop a method of producing cast bronze panels. Inspired by the textured bark of the Plane trees in Green Park, we adopted a method of using an open cast which creates an organic pattern, rather than the usual two-part mould process. Each panel is crafted into a unique panel.

The bronze panels are enhanced and protected by a chemical patination process, creating a variety of autumnal tones, which clad the ground and mezzanine floor columns in a brick bond pattern. Horizontal sections are clad in a folded gilding metal which is patinated to match the open cast bronze.

A hanging system was developed in collaboration with Firman Glass, who also installed the 90mm thick, soundproof and solar controlled glazing.